Normal Manager's Day

You’re the home manager; it’s the end of the month today you plan to do this month’s hours to send off to payroll.

Your monthly monitoring report of the home is also due.

Last night you didn’t get much sleep as an incident took place in the home and one of your children was arrested and you were on call.

You arrive at work and one of your staff have called in sick, this is quickly resolved your staff member from yesterday agree to stay on. However, you get a call from the police and they require an appropriate adult as the staff member on duty was involved in the incident you are the only person.

You leave the home and go to support the young person with the police.

You have missed a call from you director requesting your monthly staff report as he cannot submit his to the board with your information.

You also have a referral to read and respond too. Most of the day has gone and you still have not had a chance to start your work. You’re getting quite worked up now as your work is piling up, you know you have to notify Ofsted as your child has been arrested, update risk assessments, review the incident report and speak to social workers re-incident. This is on top of the tasks you had planned for the day and your responses to director and placements team.

Manager's Day With Sue

SUE has already calculated your hours and pinged them to sage for you.

SUE has pre-populated all of the factual data and started to complete your monitoring report for you.

Using SUE’s manager monitor, SUE has all of the figures and costings ready to report to your director.

Using SUE’s referral manager she has all of your location risks and existing residents risks pre-loaded with her matching risk assessments. Providing you with accurate information to make a well-informed decision as to if this is a safe match.

As SUE’s risk assessments are live, she has already pre-populated your risk assessment. Therefore you will only need to add in details of incident and strategies going forward.

As SUE is mobile you can access, review and complete tasks from afar.

SUE will provide your chosen report at the click of a button.

SUE will remind and alert you to prevent compliance failures.

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