Automated Management & Quality Assurance Information

SUE’s children’s care management software will support you to effectively monitor your home.

  • Leaving you with no more compliance concerns
  • Leaving you feeling safe knowing your reputation is protected
  • Removing the fear of the unknown and ready for inspections

Live Staff Files

SUE’s care management will not allow staff to work without safer recruitment in place.

  • Safer recruitment
  • Compliance
  • Staff competency and training in a snap shot

Live Outcome Measurement Tools for Young People & Staff

All outcomes tools remain subjective, SUE is not subjective and will be able to evidence.

  • Progression/Regression
  • Capability
  • Productivity

Live Young Persons Files

SUE’s care management will provide up to date information about your children.

  • Easily accessible information
  • Clear knowledge of your children
  • Evidencing the child’s journey

Protection & Security

  • Brings the security of your care information into 21st century
  • Reduce the risk of whole company damage
  • Bottleneck risk to ground level

Real Time View of Performance

  • Live management of care company risks up RI
  • Nowhere for staff to hide on productivity
  • View overall performance of company in one take

Outcomes & On-Site Training

  • Never lose the measure of all care work undertaken
  • Quantify outcomes versus cost
  • Train and upskill staff in running cost model

Quantifies Increase Cost of Delivery

  • Understand true cost of children’s care service delivery
  • Truly evidence sustainable financial growth and security
  • Keep the front door locked to added costs

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SUE works with new and existing services, she has everything you need to effectively manage your service to the highest of standards. No company is too big or too small for SUE to work with.

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