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Manage all aspects of care in one place

Giving time back to care staff to care for children

Sue is a clever unique, online secure system that

manages all aspects of care in one place!

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Sue's Solutions

Key Features


Regulatory Compliance

Provide prompt info

System is current and up to date with statutory guidance

Compliance alerts


Save Time & Money

Efficiency in data

Reduces repetition

Cross population





Home / Company


Access Information Fast

Remote access

Instant access

Instant reporting


Activity Monitor

Performance and learning

Staff usage

Delivery effectiveness


Evidence Outcome

Outcomes for young people

Staff outcomes

Company performance


HR Monitoring

Performance and development

Staff training

Company Reporting


Health & Safety


Compliance (HSE)




Effective Rota`s

Management of hours

Annual Leave

Child Profile

Child Profile

  • Evidence outcome for children
  • Live risk assessment
  • Child centred care planning


Staff Profile
Home Management
Company Performance

What Are The

Benefits Of Sue?


Protection & Security

GDPR compliant

Reduce the risk of whole company damage

Maintain information in one place


Real Time View of Performance

Live management of company risks

Visible staff productivity

View overall performance in one take


Outcomes &
On-Site Training

Never lose the measure of work undertaken

Quantify outcomes versus cost

Upskill Staff


Quantifies Increase Cost of Delivery

Understand true cost of service delivery

Truly evidence sustainable financial growth and security

Avoid added costs

How Can Sue help?


Do you want to see your company's performance at a click?

Do you care about your environment

Do you want to be prepared for your next inspection?

Do you know how efficient your business is?

Do you want to remain competitive through improved financial performance?

Do you want to stay compliant?

Would you like your archiving to be done at a click of a button?

Do you need help and support to evidence outcomes?

Do you want more time to spend with Young People?

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What Our Clients Say?

"From a company who is fully compliant with the safer recruitment protocol, Sue is extremely beneficial to our company. It's easy to use yet prevents any corner cutting to ensure all staff are fully vetted before starting their role within the care sector. It ensures a safer, more effective working environment."


Recruitment Manager

"Sue is useful, easy to use and all in one place, I would rate the system 9 out of 10"



We are very happy with all aspects of Sue and feel happy we opted to join when we did. The system is very comprehensive and covers everything you would need it to, and furthermore, Sue continue to adapt the system in order to fit with what we want it to which is most helpful.


Registered Manager

"I would rate the customer service a 10 out of 10, they are always quick to respond and can't do enough to help you."


Deputy Manager

"From day one the team at Sue have listened to our needs and worked hard to build a system which worked for us."


Operations Director

"Sue is convenient, user friendly and accessible."


Managing Director

"Since the last inspection, leaders and managers have implemented a computer system for recording and reporting. This has greatly improved the efficiency of record-keeping and enables prompt identification of patterns and trends in behaviour and practice."

Regulatory Inspector


"The SUE system has a unique approach to the data management for young people. This is a simple to use tool that covers all aspects of the young person's care planning. This system holds all the relevant data in one place for each child."


Independent Regulation 44 visitor

"I am still able to provide support to the children from a therapeutic approach. By using Sue, I am able monitor the level of impact and provide therapeutic feedback to our teams, in order for them support the children effectively during these turbulent times."


Independent Regulation 44 visitor

"I am still able to provide support to the children from a therapeutic approach. By using Sue, I am able monitor the level of impact and provide therapeutic feedback to our teams, in order for them support the children effectively during these turbulent times."


"From a record keeping perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic has had no impact on my service. Having Sue has enabled me to communicate with the care team and monitor the service from home. "


"We have been able to share guidance with the staff as it becomes available and the system also acts as a library resource. The system continues to enable me to gain an overview of the data and compare the impact of our contingency plans on the children. I am able to compare their presentation against historic data to get a real understanding of how the pandemic is impacting on them and plan accordingly."


"I have recruited two new members of the team during the lockdown and both have completed remote induction training on the system. Both have been able to begin developing their understanding of the children they will care for whilst they are unable to physically be at the home. This has proved invaluable as it maximises efficacy and promotes understanding and expediency."


"I am incredibly happy with the system; it makes my life so much easier from a monitoring point of view especially during Lockdown. I am happy with the system and the support available to us when needed by the customer services team."

Register Manager

"Within a team you often have conflict and a difference in opinion. One thing my team all agree on is Sue, it meets the needs of the team and makes everyone's lives a lot easier. We could not live without it!"


"We are happy with support from the customer support team, Michael is very helpful and always tries to help with our ideas of making changes to the system. As a home manager the system has allowed me to work from home remotely during this time of social distancing this has helped me a lot and helped to keep an oversight of my staff and the young people. "

Registry Manager

"The reg 44 inspectors have been able to complete visits remotely as they can access all information on the system, we would not have been able to do this without Sue."

Registry Manager

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